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5Pro Software core business is Symbian Development. We have a strong team of project managers, usability managers, certified Symbian developers and testers in order to make high quality solutions.

We have been developing for Symbian since 2002, beginning from the first Symbian devices - Nokia 7650 and Communicator 9210. In the meantime we possess the newest devices for live testing and certify our applications according to newest Symbian Signed criteria.

Membership in Forum Nokia gives us direct access to Nokia technologies, newest devices and valuable Nokia technical support.

Our Symbian team is prepared using special Symbian developer program that has been improved within years, so only the high skilled and trained specialists have access to Symbian projects. We are improving our skills and learning new technologies all the time, going in line with the time.

5Pro Software stands for long term cooperation and high quality, so if you think about cooperating with us, please mail us at romana.litkova et 5pro-software.com or call us at +49 335 22 88 404.

Some project samples and cooperation possibilities are listed below.

Phone Guardian

Anti-theft software Powerful security software designed for Nokia mobile phones blocks your mobile phone in case of theft. Phone Guardin security software sets phone password protection and tracks thief using GPS. Phone access blocker, uninstall blocker, alarm function, cellID and GPS positioning, SMS sending to predefined number implemented.


Your mobile as hands free device. Loudspeaker Symbian software application answers your incoming call and activates loudspeaker. Incoming calls monitoring, audio routing to loudspeaker, autostart implemented.

Call Recorder

Records your mobile call Call recording Symbian software according to the user defined rules. Incoming and outgoing calls monitoring, call recording in AMR MP3 Wav, recorded calls playback, user defined logic implemented.


Custom profile changer Auto Profiles Symbian software application performs automatic switching of Nokia mobile phone profiles according to schedules defined by user.Profile monitoring, time monitoring, background profile switching, user defined scheduling and work with Offline profile implemented.

Speed Dial application

Powerful optimization tool for your device! Symbian Speed Dial software will help you to work with your Nokia mobile phone quickly and effectively. Speed dial for  Symbian software application creates combinations of numbers to perform different actions at your Nokia mobile phone with one touch.

GPS Action

GPS Action: smart reminder.  GPS-Action Nokia mobile software  observes your current position and performs different cell phone actions using Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS positioning, calls and messaging, custom alarms implemented.

Phone Wallet

Secure data storage with encryption Phone Wallet software application for Nokia and PC  encrypts text data with AES 256. Unique password defined by you will be only way to access your privacy information. Data encryption, text data structure, user defined folders and data types implemented.


Quick actions right after the call! AfterCall is a simple Symbian software which will help you to make quick action at your Nokia mobile phone immediately after the GSM call ends.Custom GSM call, messaging to the predefined number, integration with native contacts and notes implemented.

Cute Keys

Shortcuts software for mobile Convenient Symbian software designed to improve your cell phone productivity. Cute Keys mobile phone software application will help you to create shortcut keys for different cell phone actions. Application launch, GSM calls and messaging function, browser integration, hardware keys interception implemented.

SMS Alert

Custom SMS alert for each contact  SMS Alert is useful mobile software development solution which allows you to assign separate sms massages tone to each contact or group of contacts. Incoming SMS monitoring, instant SMS tone change, contacts monitoring implemented.

Photo recognition tool

Make photo and get feedback Symbian software application provides image recognition and search for related content through the visual search engine. Picture taking from camera, sending pictures over HTTP, visual displaying the answer from server implemented. QT and web widgets used.

Periodicals recognition tool

Newspapers and maganzines recognized This Nokia mobile phone software application is designed as web widget for mobile phones. It brings periodicals visual search to your Nokia mobile phone. Custom camera view, picture taking and sending implemented.

Cheap calls software

Interface for VOIP calls Interface for interaction with VOIP servers and making cheap calls was implemented. Solution for Symbian, Android and Blackberry. Calls monitoring, custom calling number change, VOIP server interaction implemented.

Application access blocker

Strong access protection for mobile.   Symbian software application allows company to block an unauthorized access to any mobile application installed on the mobile phone. Total control over mobile usage, installed apps monitoring, access blocking implemented.

Phonebook backup tool

Backups your contacts  This phonebook data backup mobile phone software allows users to create contacts data backup and restore data from backup. Contacts interaction implemented.

Phonebook restoring tool

Phonebook restore from backup. . This multi-platform software application restores data from phonebook backup quickly and easily.Contacts read and write implemented.

GPS Shopping

Shopping reminder depends on the location GPS Shopping is a shopping guide  with notifications about goods at nearby shops depending on your position. GPS positioning, coordinates sending to server, displaying the received data implemented.

Multiple Alarm

Alarm application that allows multiple alarms, alarm notes and different alarm rules.

Phone Tracer

Track your mobile. Application that allows phone tracking in web using GPS. Works for Symbian and Android mobile phones. Web client with map and all user settings is available.


Graphical GUI application for the night mode of the phones.

Answering Machine

Application that answers the calls, plays predefined greeting and records the message.

Mobile Calculator

Application for basic, engineering and business calculations on Sony Ericsson Mobile phones.

Contract development for your needs

This cooperation type is appropriate if you need a solution made exactly for your needs and need a high skilled developer team in Symbian for this.

Bluetooth Chatting

Programm that allows communication via BlueTooth.

Symbian Software Distribution

We are all the time looking for new distributors for our Symbian end user and corporate products.

Corporate Solutions for Symbian

If you need a corporate solution for your company, we will be glad to provide you with such. We will cut the solution to your needs, also implement the server side or web connection if needed.

Call Cheater

Application that plays a user defined sound in the phone line during the voice call.

Latest news
SV for iOS already available

The new 2012 starts with the release of the new version of Secure Voice for iOS. Now there is a possibility to hold secure voice calls on your iPhones, iPads and iPods. Request for a free demo right now.

Secure Voice 3G: P2P and server

We are happy to announce the new version of SV 3G that may connect both point-to-point and over the secure communication server. Beta testers are using this software in different networks now.

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