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Secure Push-to-Talk mobile security software

Encrypted Push-to-talk conversations software solution

General description

Secure PTT means encrypted Push-to-Talk conversations on your mobile phone: perfect alternative to bulky professional radio systems, with all features of police radio and powerful data encryption.

Secure PTT is a software based solution that establishes secure group talks as well as private one-to-one conversations. Stable, reliable and best protected: this is what you get with Secure PTT.

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PTT conversations types

Secure PTT mobile phones security software provides users with three PTT conversations types:

  • One-to-One Push-to-talk conversations;
  • One-to-Many Push-to-talk conversations, or Group Talk;
  • One-to-All Push-to-talk conversations, or Channel communication.

Please note! Secure PTT security software allows users to receive GSM calls even when any Secure PTT conversation is activated.


Secure PTT symbian - users       Secure PTT android - private call

Main features

  • Reliable data privacy protection for PTT messages exchange is provided with powerful sound data encryption        

  • Ability to create connection with our PTT server via 2G, 3G or WLAN for voice data transmission        

  • Automatic data transmission switching between predefined IAP’s to ensure stable signal quality      

  • Action mode is available to provide high PTT server connection quality        

  • Ability to make private Push to talk conversations where only two persons involved       

  • There are two Secure PTT users ranks with different abilities to see others       

  •  International calls without any additional costs

  • Compatible with special Bluetooth PTT headset (like Iqua Pro) or with 5Pro PTT hardware button, designed specially for this mobile phone security software.
Secure PTT symbian - channel selection       Secure PTT android - channel selection

Supported mobile software platforms:

Symbian  software platformsSymbian OS

Symbian Series 60 3rd edition (initial release)
Symbian Series 60 3rd edition (feature pack 1)
Symbian Series 60 3rd edition (feature pack 2)
Symbian Series 60 5th edition  

Android software platforms:Android OS

Android OS v.1.6.
Android OS v.2.1.
Android OS v.2.2.

Secure PTT database editor tool for PC

Secure PTT database editor tool is a part of this security software development solution, which allows users to edit PTT server database. With this handy editor tool users will be able to add or edit (activate or deactivate) Secure PTT users, Groups, PTT channels directly from PC connected to the Internet.

Secure PTT target users

Secure PTT software will be extremely useful for companies which need to organize the working process in a secure way. Therefore this software could be used by police and border forces, security companies, transport companies (airlines, railroads, trucking, bus and taxicab companies), emergency crews and always on-the-road workers.

Secure PTT support center

Secure PTT 24/7 connectivity a PTT server cluster with automatic reconnect and failover is responsible. Furthermore, the 24/7 telephone Secure PTT mobile security software support is available by any PTT server connectivity, signal quality or data protection issues.

Secure PTT upgrade

Secure PTT mobile phone security software is fully customizable for the users needs. We can provide higher data encryption grade or add some features according to your wishes.

How to buy

We offer:

  • 1 day FREE Secure PTT demo!
  • 1 month paid demo
  • 1 year license.

For additional information regarding Secure PTT solution please contact us or visit Secure PTT web site !

Latest news
SV for iOS already available

The new 2012 starts with the release of the new version of Secure Voice for iOS. Now there is a possibility to hold secure voice calls on your iPhones, iPads and iPods. Request for a free demo right now.

Secure Voice 3G: P2P and server

We are happy to announce the new version of SV 3G that may connect both point-to-point and over the secure communication server. Beta testers are using this software in different networks now.

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