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Easy content management for small and medium business

5Pro CMS

5Pro CMS is a commercial content management system for small and middle business as well as private web sites. With our CMS you do not need any programming skills. You get a web interface where you can manage all the content on your site.
With 5Pro CMS you can:

  • Menu management
    • Possibility of top/bottom and left/right menu at the same time
    • Menu items can be statis or dynamic
    • Menu items can be totally customizable
    • Dynamic menu with a tree sctructure
  • Static and dynamic pages:
    • All titles, content, file names are editable. There is a WYSIWYG editor for it.
    • A right panel with any content can be added to every statis or dynamic page
    • Possibility to add portfolio/listings
    • Possibility to have news/highlights/ downloads section
  • Access management:
    • User management
    • File management
    • Access rights management
    • Add new languages
All you have to do is to tell us the idea of your site. We can also make a design for you where all your wishes will be implemented. After that you will be able to manage all the content of your site without our help.

Please note: everything you can read on our site is managed with 5Pro CMS!

Search Site about Mallorca

Absolute Mallorca is local directory and search engine oriented on the local Mallorca resources. Absolute Mallorca is a human entry links directory where there is a backend interface for the editors who can enter links. Web user can propose links to the directory which will be processed by the editor of the corresponding category.


Patrick Kovacs Site

Patrick Kovacs - presentation site of antiquity shop/catalogue of Patrick Kovacs. All items are presented in form of exhibition.

ShopUA Site

Shop.ua is the biggest online shopping system in Ukraine. The assortment of this online shop ranges widely from groceries to high-tech products and household appliances and is count ca. 100 000 goods.


Rock-Your-Mobile! Software catalogue

Rock-Your-Mobile! - online catalogue of software for mobile phones and desktop software. The software is grouped by categories, phones and software types.

5Pro Software Corporate site

Pro-Software that you are browsing now is a corporate site of the 5Pro-Software development company. All content of the 5Pro-Software site is administrated online with handy content management system - 5Pro CMS

My Body Info Site

Fitness portal - an online clinic, with the help of which you are under doctor's treatment surveillance and have to report on your state of health.


Real Estate Catalogue

MyPro is a system which helps realtor agency and realtor agent to present immobility property items to their customers.


Travel agency site

Management system of traveling agency - online tool for managers of traveling agency which allows to enter information about traveling tours and to catalogize it.

Latest news
SV for iOS already available

The new 2012 starts with the release of the new version of Secure Voice for iOS. Now there is a possibility to hold secure voice calls on your iPhones, iPads and iPods. Request for a free demo right now.

Secure Voice 3G: P2P and server

We are happy to announce the new version of SV 3G that may connect both point-to-point and over the secure communication server. Beta testers are using this software in different networks now.

Need custom mobile software?
If you are interested in custom mobile development for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android or iPhone, please contact us via romana.litkova @ 5pro-software.com

Need Custom Symbian Software?
5Pro is expert in custom Symbian development in all technology areas, including Nokia Partnering APIs and manufacturer approved Symbian Signing. Please contact us regarding your custom Symbian software right now!

Custom Blackberry Software
Need custom features in your Blackberry software? Contact 5Pro-Software and we will develop custom mobile client software as well as custom Blackberry server solution right for your requirements

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